The Shoes of a Walk-In

“Addressing the Elephant in the Spiritual Room”

Much is written on near-death experiences but the idea of “walk-ins” during such events is still a mystery to most. There are many types of walk-ins and these souls come from every corner of the Universe. But why should that surprise us in this day and age? Truly, such “spiritual diversity” is no different than Earth’s plethora of cultures, languages, religions and lifeforms. Add onto that all the documented encounters with extraterrestrials by credible sources (i.e. citizens, government officials and the military.) We can’t all be imagining this!

Perhaps what makes the “walk-in” concept a little harder to swallow is that such happenings were not widely recorded in the epochs of the past or spoken of, and for good reason. History has shown that what humanity cannot understand or accept, it fears. And what it fears, it destroys. But just because the mind cannot wrap itself around a concept, doesn’t mean it isn’t real or that its existence is evil. After all, it wasn’t so long ago in Earth’s history when humanity believed the Earth was flat. Or going to the moon was something out of the “Twilight Zone.”  The truth is, we know more about space than we do about what lies in the depths of our oceans or within the core of the planet. 

You would think that a having a casual conversation about walk-ins would be relatively simple. Think again! Such an undertaking is not for the faint of heart.

So, like those brave explorers of the past, I step up to the angelic plate, take a deep breath and share what I know on this subject. How is this possible, you might ask? And for what purpose? First and foremost, because I am a walk-in. Been there, done that and remember everything that happened before, during and after the event. Who better to tell the tale than one who is literally walking in those shoes! As for the purpose, it is part of my angelic mission and agreement to now share this information with whoever needs to hear it. 

It’s not an easy conversation to have nor is it one that is widely embraced by the multitudes. Science says that “an extraordinary claim demands extraordinary proof.” But the spiritual realm goes beyond human logic. How do we make the intangible – tangible? It’s like a line from Harry Potter where a student says: “It’s like trying to grab smoke with your bare hands.” You can see, hear and sense it but to physically grasp it…well, that takes an immense Leap of Faith. 

So, let us begin…  

Some walk-ins come into existence through the “conception / birth” process while others (like myself) take a different route: coming in as a thirty-three year old adult during a near-death experience. As seamless as it may sound on the surface, there are many moving parts that take place “before” and “after” such events.  The spiritual mission is linear in focus yet multi-layered and in constant motion like a train that stops at many stations as it heads to its final destination. And just when you think you got it all figured out, the path you are on changes in mid-stride. It takes an open mind, a quick step, a courageous heart and unbreakable faith to move forward.

A walk-in life is a difficult and lonely one. Much of what happens intimately is kept deep inside and not shared often, if at all – not even with other walk-ins. Why is that? Because every walk-in has a different “origin” and “filter of perception” from the physical vessel it inherited. Think of these remaining thought patterns as “luggage” the departed soul left behind in its wake as it sailed home. And the moment you step into that space and take up “residence”, that mental baggage becomes part of your persona.

Is it no wonder we sometimes get bewildered at the thoughts or words that flow from us? We recognize it’s not “who we truly are” yet these feelings surface and trigger emotional responses. We are, in a sense, pulling double duty here! Besides doing what we came into this life to do, we must also “heal” and “release” those leftover patterns from the other soul that exited. And yes, we had agreed to do this BEFORE walking-in! (We are such magnificent, brave souls on the other side!) And no, this soul exchange is not a possession like what is portrayed in horror movies. These exchanges are done with the full permission of the souls involved AND the approval / blessing / oversight of the Higher Realms of Light. In my case, it is the Angelic Realm with Archangel Michael. I’m definitely in good company! 

That being said, my human life is filled with a balance of successes and disappointments. Yet, I choose to focus on the happiness and blessings that surrounds me and my loved ones.

The tests I face are ongoing. Each test must be successfully completed in order for me to move onto the next part of the journey. There is no time limit to accomplish the test at hand but the desire to “get out of the muck” as quickly as possible is more than enough encouragement for me to want to get it done. 

Remember how I mentioned there were different types of walk-ins? I came in as a “Source Seed.”  And that will be my next topic of discussion!  I hope you will join me!

Until then, from the core essence of Archangels Michael and Faith – may you be blessed.