Heart Crystal

In June 2006, I attended a spiritual seminar at Yellowstone National Park. Many had answered the clarion call to perform a sacred ceremony there. We were told that Archangel Michael would lead us through these deep tunnels into the Earth where much healing was needed. But as the meditation began, Archangel Michael asked me to follow him to another place. He said he had something to give me.

As we walked to the side, he turned and placed a large pink crystal heart in my hands. He said it was a long distance healer called the “The Stone of Unconditional Love”. Those who come in contact with it will receive a most perfect healing for them – however it is manifested. I thanked Beloved Michael for the gift and promised to be a worthy guardian. The meditation ended. Many were asked to share their experiences in the tunnels. I remained silent and returned home to Honolulu the next day.

Later that week, a dear friend who brings crystals to Hawaii called to let me know she was coming to town. I was anxious to see her and share what happened in Yellowstone. When we met at her house, she hugged me and said: “I have a special crystal that has been with me for many years. It was stored with my ancient Lemurian crystals.  It told me very clearly that it needed to come to Hawaii now – that its Keeper was there. I was very surprised to hear this. I went into a deep meditation and knew it was talking about you.”

We went to the living room and she began to unwrap this large crystal. When I saw it, waves of immense joy flowed through my entire body. Tears filled my eyes and flowed down my face. It was exactly like the crystal heart Archangel Michael gifted me in Yellowstone!

Since then, Michael’s Heart Crystal of Unconditional Love has traveled with me to the sacred sites of England, France and Scotland. It even made a special appearance at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Michael never ceases to amaze me!


From Archangel Michael’s heart to yours!