Steward of the Straw

The Earth is filled with many gifted healers who dedicate their lives to be of service to Humanity. They bring with them a multitude of modalities and belief systems. I asked Archangel Michael to help me understand my mission of helping others reach the point of self-healing. This is where the lesson begins.

In a deep meditation, Archangel Michael accompanied me to my Personal Pyramid of Light in the 5th dimension – a place where I receive guidance to all my questions. Beloved Michael never tires of the human ‘laundry list’ of concerns I bring to him. He actually finds it quite amusing and looks forward to helping me understand concepts through storytelling.

As we sat down at the crystal table, I asked Michael about the use of energy to help heal another: What path does it take? Is it my energy mixed with the Creator’s? Does it go through me into the person I’m helping? Does it affect my energy?

That familiar angelic grin shined brightly across his face. I could feel the excitement building within me as I anxiously waited for something phenomenal to unfold. Without a word, Michael placed in my hand a clear, plastic drinking straw! My perplexed look caused him to let loose a boisterous laugh that echoed off the crystal-filled walls of the pyramid. Before I could speak, he placed on the table a clear, empty plastic drinking cup. “Now, let me explain the importance of being a worthy Steward of the Straw”.

“How anti-climatic” I thought. Why not a Sword of Light or a Crystal Chalice to tell the tale? Sensing my disappointment in his choice of props, Michael whispered softly in my ear: “Simple things are holy, Beloved. Let us begin”.

“The Cup represents Source, the One, All That Is – whatever label one is comfortable using to identify the Creator.” Michael waved his hand over the cup. Pristine water rose to the rim, sparkling like stars with swirling rainbows! The inner light was intense like mini-galaxies viewed through the strongest of telescopes. It was mesmerizing to watch through the plastic. It reminded me of a kaleidoscope only a million times better. “This Cup holds all a person needs to be ‘whole’ – the contents eternally inexhaustible and obtainable by all.”

Archangel Michael held up the straw and looked at me with his glimmering eyes of golden liquid light. “There are many struggling in this 3rd and 4th dimension. Their challenges block them from remembering who they truly are: Beings of Light in total perfection. This mental, physical and emotional distress makes it difficult for them to see the Cup let alone reach for it. They require the help of others to do this.” Archangel Michael then placed the straw into the cup, holding it steady. He then instructed me to close my eyes and drink without holding the straw or cup. I felt him place the straw to my lips. As I started to drink, I went into a state of extreme bliss. It was the most exquisite moment of my life…a deep sense of peace, joy and love that words could never express. I wanted to stay there forever.  I could hear Michael’s voice in the distance:

“As a good Steward, one must be focused and balanced at all times while holding the straw in order to create a pure and strong bridge. Otherwise the straw may miss the cup or the mouth of the person receiving it.”

Suddenly, the flow of liquid stopped and jolted me out of my heavenly space. I saw that Michael had closed his fist around the straw. An immense sadness welled in my heart as I experienced a disconnection from Source. “If your energy is not in harmony, your grip on the straw may be so tight that it inhibits the flow. A good Steward is always aware of their thoughts & actions and how it affects others.”

“Remember you are helping create a sacred environment for others to return to wholeness in whatever form that takes – for their highest good and the highest good of all. The straw is the bridge which you are tasked with holding straight and true.”

With another wave of his hand, Archangel Michael made the straw disappear. He asked me to pick up the cup and drink. As I swallowed this precious liquid, I felt my entire being soar to the heavens once more!

As he placed his hand upon my shoulder, I heard him gently say, “This is the point you wish to help others come to, Beloved…a point where they no longer need the straw for they can access the Cup directly on their own. So begins their path of self-healing.”

I put the cup down upon the table and looked at Michael with tears of gratefulness running down my face. He was right: simple things are indeed holy. Again I was reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have such angelic beings assist us in our Earthly quests. I thank the Creator for assigning Archangel Michael as my Teacher.

It was now time to leave my Personal Pyramid of Light and return back to Earth. Before exiting, I took one last glance at the cup resting upon the crystal table. I was in awe of all that had unfolded and the incredible (and simple) story I could now share with others.

I looked up at Michael’s face but the words would not come. Anything I said would pale in comparison to today’s lesson. Michael smiled and said, “Before we go, let me ask you a question: what were you hoping to receive when you drank from the Cup?”

Looking at the sky, I breathed in all the Adamantine particles of Light my being could hold and breathed it out to the Universe.

Turning to Michael once again, I shyly replied: “If someone was to ask me to finish the sentence ‘Life is…’ with one word, I would say ‘love’ for love is all there is. Why do you ask?”

Archangel Michael beamed golden rays of Light as he wrapped me in his royal blue cloak. “I placed a special gift in the Cup for you…that of your heart’s calling.” As we began our return back to Earth, I asked Michael if he could give me a hint as to what the gift was.

With that signature grin, he said: “Tell me the one word you would use to finish the sentence ‘Life is…’?

And so the journey with the Golden Angel continues!