Blue Aragonite – Truth, Joy and Understanding

Blue aragonite is a rare stone that is naturally fluorescent and connects with the heart, throat and third eye chakras. It enhances clear communication and mental focus when needed the most. It also brings a sense of peace, comfort and joy in stressful times. This beautiful stone is connected to the elements of Wind and Water. It resonates to the number “9”  – the number of completion.

Blue aragonite was the stone mentioned in my latest book, “Lord Michael and His Ark Angels”.  It was a gift from Archangels Michael and Faith to the angelic children, Micah and Twinkle, and played a significant role in the story. 

And it is my pleasure to introduce another major player in the story: the fierce Water Dragon and Guardian of Heaven’s Lake Louise – Commander Bartholomew! He is a long-time member of the Legions of Light, Water Expert and Light Warrior Instructor. He was in the first Light Warrior School graduation class along with Archangel Michael and the other Archangels. Sounds like another book in the making!