Arielle’s Books

“Lord Michael and His Ark Angels”

What is it like for angelic children to evolve in the Higher Realms of Heaven alongside the mighty Archangels? It might surprise some to know that what they “feel” is not much different than the children on Earth. Who would have thought?

This book provides a brief glimpse into that world of wonder that can only be told through the eyes of those who witnessed it first-hand.  And though it is a book about “angelic lights” (my term for children in Heaven), its words of encouragement, moments of laughter and unconditional love holds something dear for the “child” in all of us. 

Come enjoy a side not often seen of Archangels Michael and Faith as they dwell in their spiritual retreat, the Temple of Faith and Protection, high above Lake Louise, Banff, Canada.

   Once upon a time…long, long ago…

(Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats)


“Make It Count”

A clarion call went out to all the souls in Heaven. Many volunteered but not all were chosen to “transform” into a physical vessel. You see, all things in the Angelic Realm are done in Divine Right Order. This is especially true for Heaven’s frontline defense: the Archangels! 

The idea of leaving one’s heavenly home to experience the human condition is not a task for the faint of heart. And yes, brave souls do incarnate many times over and have done it successfully for eons of time. That being said, there are those that have never incarnated, for whatever reason.

And for that very reason, I was chosen for this mission along with Archangel Michael. 

This book covers my journey from life in Heaven to my walk-in soul exchange at the age of thirty-three and beyond. The stories in this book are all true. 

Please join me on this angelic path of discovery, loss, despair, unconditional love and renewed Faith with Archangel Michael. 

No walls, no inhibitions between us. Our love is pure.

(Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats)