When All Hope Seems Lost

“When all hope seems lost, the champion appears, in whatever form is perfect for the mission.
In a world of dual realities, despair has a way of taking up residence within you. As uncomfortable as it feels, there is a divine purpose to its presence. Once you have acknowledged and learned the lesson it brings, bless it as you send it off to the angelic realm to be transmuted into light once more.
Let your faith lead the way back home. Home…that sense of place, that sacred space within your heart.  Call on us when you feel you can’t go on. Archangel Michael, the Legions of Light and I will stand beside you always.
Together, we shall face whatever comes our way. Together, we shall prevail. 
Be brave, have faith and refuse to be bound by fear.
Remember, when all hope seems lost, the champion appears. And sometimes that champion… is YOU!”