The Blue First Ray

Lord Michael and Lady Faith are the Archangels of the First Ray of Divine Will, Protection and Faith.

The color of this Ray is a deep, sapphire blue with hints of white. It is often portrayed as a vibrant, eternal flame. This flame is kept in the etheric Temple of Faith and Protection located over Lake Louise, Banff, Canada in the Higher Realms of Light. 

The Temple is Home to the Legions of Light – the courageous Light Warriors that serve under Archangel Michael. They come to the Temple at the end of each day to immerse themselves in the blue flames of the First Ray.

This Fire of Protection purifies and recharges them. It becomes their Armor of Light as they return to be of service to humanity. 

This magnificent and powerful flame is also available to all the lifeforms. While the physical vessel sleeps, you are welcome to travel to the Temple of Faith and Protection. Stay a while, in this sacred space, to reflect or meditate as the blue flames recharge and realign your core essence.  Here you will feel refreshed, renewed and powerfully protected- ready to take on a new day!